Beernomicon XXIX – Interview with Matt & Stu of Legitimate Industries

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legitpicBeernomicon XXIX – Interview with Matt & Stu of Legitimate Industries

In our 29th episode, we travel to the secret office headquarters of Legitmate Industries to talk to brewers Matt & Stu.
We discuss the brewery getting started, how they approached a core range, brewing beers for a restaurant setting, what they want when they drink a beer and plenty more.

With both Matt & Stu working for well established breweries in the past they also discuss the transition made to Legitimate Industries, what similarities and difference there are, what they want from the brewery and where they want to take it.

One of the big differences to Legitmate Industries is the branding, from the cans to breweries social media. We ask Stu & Matt about the aesthetic of the brewery, where it came from, why they chose to run with it and where it can go from here.


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