beernomicon craft beer podcast in copenhagen

The Cvlt Continues

In May 2016 we stumbled out of a few bars in Copenhagen and talked about possibly starting a podcast.
During the hangover the next day we thought about what we wanted to do with it and came up with some names. Beer & Loathing being a first pick, but some yank podcast already had so we tossed a few more names around. Being as we’re both fans of H.P. Lovecraft we bastardised his famous Necronomicon book and just stuck ‘Beer’ on the front.
Content wise we just wanted to drink some good beer, chat to some decent people; brewers, shop owners, writers, drinkers etc, and have a good time doing it.
We met up in the back of the brewery Tom works at at the end of that May month and recorded a podcast about our time in Copenhagen, and at that point the upcoming first Mcr Beer Week. With a few hastily written notes and my iPhone to record the audio we dived in and talked shit. Thankfully it was fun and it didnt descend too much into insults, arguing and name calling. In my naivety I barely edited it (besides cutting out a few sentences not really suitable to put up online), we put it up and shared it about. Some generous people listened, hated it and never came back, some even more generous people listened and gave us a second chance.
We posted that first podcast on June 4th 2016.

Exactly a year on we have 30 podcasts online, have interviewed brewers, bar owners, bottle shop proprietors, festival organisers, bloggers & drinkers. Arranged bottle shares, attempted live podcasting, brewed two collaboration beers with Northern Monk & Beer Nouveau respectively, and unearthed the Untappd Ten Commandments with Hopinions.
We’re had some negative feedback, but a lot more positive so thanks to everyone who has given us a chance and had a listen.

Been a good year and we look forward to doing more and moving forward.

The Cvlt continues…



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