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Manchester Beer Week Events to Look Out For

With MCR Beer Week starting officially on June 22nd, we thought we’d ask some brewers, beer bloggers, bartenders and beer drinkers to give us their ‘Top 3’ picks of the 100 events happening over the week.
(Click through the event names to go to the MCR Beer Week page for that event. )
In no particular order…

Rob Derbyshire
Youtube Beer Reviewer

Cloudwater take over The Magnet
Fri June 23rd
I’ve never been to The Magnet in Stockport but have heard great things. A traditional pub that isn’t scared of keg but is one of the growing rarities, a pub that knows how to look after cask ale. I’m not going to hide the fact that I’m a big Cloudwater fan and the idea of some rare cask offerings grabbed my attention. Time to make my first visit. Doughnut and beer pairing party.

Beatnikz Republic Doughnut & Beer Pairing
Sat June 24th

Stop nicking my ideas you lot! I had this idea years ago (and never did anything about it). Since enjoying killer doughnuts and beer in downtown San Diego (thanks for the tip Jai) I’ve loved the idea of breaking the pretense of food and beer matching by trying to marry-up doughnuts and diverse beer styles. Sounds fun.

Firestone Walker rare bottle tasting Track Brewing Co
Sat June 24th
Firestone Walker are masters of brewing, seldom anybody touches the class and quality emitting from every oak stave. A great opportunity to taste some incredible creations including my favourite beer of all time, Parabola.

Matt Curtis
Freelance Beer Writer, Photographer & Consultant
Total Ales / Good Beer Hunting

Bundobust Collaboration Launches
Fri June 23rd
I love Bundo’s and always visit when I’m in Manchester or Leeds, so I’m really looking forward to trying their collab with Denmark’s Dry & Bitter, the aptly named “Juicy Bhangra.”

Runaway and Holy Crab Supper Club
Fri June 23rd
Holy Crab are some of Manchester’s finest purveyors of street food and I just love seafood. This is a must visit event for me.

Doughnut and Beer Pairing Party
Sat June 24th
I met Beatniks Republic’s Paul Greetham back when he was still a fellow Londoner. I’m impressed to see how far Beatnikz Republic has come in such a short space of time and this beer and doughnut pairing event definitely ranks up there as one of Manchester beer weeks quirkiest.

The Return of Dobber
A special extra mention goes to my event with Marble of course.
Dobber is tasting amazing, a proper IPA for IPA lovers and we can’t wait to launch it on cask, keg and in can next week with a nice calm tasting followed by a full on party in the Marble Arch.

Steve Bentall 
Podcaster Extraordinaire

Buxton Brewery Takeover at Cafe Beermoth 
Fri June 30 – Sat July 1
7 cask Buxton lines is the only reason I need to attend this! Plus, Axe Edge!

The Pilcrow Summer Beer Thing
Fri June 30 – Sun July 2,
Looks like a great event with some top breweries and beers available.

Manchester Homebrew Exp at Beer Nouveau
Sun July 2nd
Steve’s hospitality and a range of skilfully brewed beers make this an absolute must attend.

Steve Dunkley
Owner and Brewer of Beer Nouveau

Beer Nouveau Brewery Tap: 5 Heritage Manchester (Area)
Fri June 23 – Sat June 24
Beers conditioned and served from the wood, including the Lee’s XXX that went down a storm at last year’s Mcr Beer Week, Boddington’s AK and McGee’s “Bad Monkey” – a strong ale that wasn’t on their main list, and rarely made. Plus Origami Brewing will be running a pop-up brew tap on site.

Open Brew Day: Beer Nouveau and Origami
Tues June 27th
Brewing a colab beer with an open door policy, turn up and watch and ask any questions that you might have, seeing a fully hands-on brewery at work. Plus the bar will be open and stocked with both brewery’s beers.

Manchester Homebrew Expo
Sun July 2nd
Homebrewers from across the region will be taking over the brewery to pour samples of their wares to the public, and be able to chat to any aspiring homebrewers, plus experts from the fields of Malt, Hops, Yeast and small-batch brewing will be giving talks and be on hand to discuss their pet topics.

Kaleigh Watterson
Beer Blogger
The Ale In Kaleigh

Cloudwater Takeover at The Magnet
Fri June 23rd
Last year The Magnet held one of my favourite events with the Buxton takeover & I’m glad they’ve got another brewery who no longer focus on cask to come this year.

Debate: Does the beer industry have a sexism problem?
Sat June 24th
Sexism in beer is an issue that’s come up a few times in recent months, so great to see that it’ll be discussed in more detail with a good panel lined up.

The Return of Dobber
Sat June 24th
As a bit of a Marble fangirl and a huge fan of Dobber, I’m very excited to see its comeback. I can’t make the event but definitely be looking to pick up a few cans.

Steph Shuttleworth
Marketing and Brand Manager at Marble Beers

The Return Of Dobber
Tues June 27th
I’ve spent an entire year being asked “why did Marble stop brewing Dobber?” and “when are you bringing back Dobber?” After this event, I can finally stop answering that question drink the damn thing.

Debate: is sexism a big problem for the beer industry?
Sat June 24th
This question has been bubbling under the surface for quite some time now, particularly since the events at this year’s Manchester Beer and Cider Festival. I think it’s about time we had an open discussion about this potential problem – with a beer in hand and without fear of the conversation being shut down.

Pub Tour: A Manchester Soul
Sat Jul 1st
The Manchester beer scene has so much more to offer than the just the beer its self, many of our pubs are drenched in history and personality. The tour guide – Jim Cullen clearly has such a strong affection for this city’s soul and culture, so it’s sure to be an enjoyable and enlightening night. It seems too many people agree with me on that one – it sold out before I managed to get a ticket.

Jim Cullen
Organiser of the Independent Salford Beer Festival & Beer Blogger
Beers Manchester

Debate: is sexism a big problem for the beer industry?
Sat June 24th.
Should be… Eventful. This is something that has been shirked for far too long. Should be interesting. Bring own popcorn.

Black IPA event at The Marble Arch
Thurs June 29th
Presented by John Clarke, should be an interesting counterpoint to the “Worse Than Hitler” commentary of a certain senior CAMRA official….

Into the wild with Lallemand
Wed June 28th
Despite my advanced years, I’m a sours novice. You’re never too old to learn.

Chris Clough
Brewer at Torrside Brewing

Aside from our own beers at Pilcrow’s Summer Beer Thing…
Runaway & Holy Crab Supper Club
Fri June 23rd
One of Manchester’s best breweries opening their own tap room AND my own personal favourite from the food on offer at last year’s IMBC.Guaranteed to be great!

Tau Day at Cafe Beermoth
Wed June 28th
One of the two absolute classics to have come out of the Rainbow Project. Really looking forward to trying this on cask!

Fiveclouds Keg Takeover
Thurs June 29 – Fri June 30
Can’t not mention our cuckoo-brewing buddies Fiveclouds… This is set to feature a couple of small-batch specials that we’ve watched take shape. Definitely worth popping in to Knott for!

Lucy Clarke
Barrel Store & Events Manager at Cloudwater Brewing Co.

The Pilcrow Summer Beer Thing
Fri June 30th – Sun July 2nd
I massively recommend finishing Manchester Beer Week with the Pilcrow’s Summer Beer Thing. It’s a ridiculously good beer festival outside in Sadler’s Yard and the bar. Around 70 banging beers on at all times, music and street food. We’ll be there with our brewery tap as a pop-up too. It is ticketed and close to being sold out, so move fast if you want to go…

The Track x Vertical Brewtap
Fri June 23rd – Sat June 24th
This looks amazing. It’s always great fun with amazing music when track open their brewtap. Plus deliciousness from Ottö-Men doing a food pop up. Should be a smasher.

An Evening With Buxton Brewery
Fri June 30th – Sat July 1st
And finally I am really excited about the Buxton evening at Cafe Beermoth on 30th June. Those guys have been knocking it out of the park with their beers so it should be incredible!

Nick Duke
Emperor GRUB

The Return of Dobber
Tues June 27th
I knew of Marble’s Dobber (like its sister beer Ginger) from second hand information retold by punters when I was running The Marble Arch for a bit. I came in under JK’s tenure so a lot of the old guard beers were retired in favour of pushing new beers into the spotlight (and rightly so). However Matt Curtis’ one-man crusade on social media to get Dobber rebrewed has been fun to watch and its going to be interesting to hear him fawn over his ultimate UK beer, back again, DOBBER LIVES.

Pub Walk: Ancoats & Angel Meadows
Thurs June 29th
I love old pubs, I love history, I love beer, and Manchester has such a rich backstory in all these departments. Plus you get to walk all around our beautiful city whilst samping some of its finest ales. Perfect.

Runaway/Holy Crab Supper Club
Fri June 23rd
I love Holy Crab, they were honestly a goddamn revelation at IMBC last year. Where have they been all my life. Plus Runaway have just added a snazzy new mezzanine to their brewery, and it looks great. PLUS Marble will be launching their Holy Crab collab lanGOSEstein, a pineapple and langoustine Gose. FUCK.YES.

David Holden
Beer Blogger / Homebrewer
Yes! Ale Blog

Manchester Homebrew Expo
Sun 2nd July
A free event with free beer produced by some of the best local homebrewers. You’ll find some of the best, rarest and creative beers in Manchester being served in cask, keg or bottle by the brewers themselves… including me. A perfect way to close Manchester Beer Week

The Return of Dobber
Tues 27th June
Convinced by Beer Writer, Matt Curtis, to rebrew this iconic IPA, a batch of Dobber has been brewed by Marble and Tuesday night will be the “official” first tasting in both cask and keg (it’s also been put into cans!). With a couple more beers thrown in and a scotch egg why haven’t you bought a ticket already?

Manchester Brewery Expo
Sat 24th June
11 City Centre breweries open on one day? Yes please! For me, little beats drinking beer from the source where the brewer has ultimate control over it’s delivery and is on hand to discuss their beer with you. Events and tours will be going on throughout the day so attend those or just nip in to one, two, three or all eleven (to win a prize) for a beer.

John Clarke
Chairman of Stockport & South Manchester CAMRA and Beer Writer

Tau Day at Café Beermoth
Wed June 28th

One of my all time favourite beers from one of my all time favourite breweries. Head Brewer Matt Clarke will be there too. What’s not to like?

Black IPA talk with…me!
Thurs June 29th

This may sound a bit self indulgent but this is a beer style which I’m passionate about and which is difficult to get right.

Manchester Homebrew Expo
Sun 2nd July

The quality of home brewed beers is really high these days (I organise a homebrew competition for Stockport Beer Festival) so I’m delighted to have been asked help with the judging here.


Becky Flockhart
Assistant Manager of The Pilcrow & Co-Organiser of Summer Beer Thing

Runaway and Holy Crab Supper Club
Fri June 23rd
With Runaway’s new tap house up and running this is definitely going to be special…and bloody tasty.

Track and BBNo Takeover at Port St Beer House
Mon June 26th – Tues June 27th
Huge fan of Track and BBNo. The collab can’t get in my mouth quick enough.

The Pilcrow Summer Beer Thing
Fri June 30th – Sun July 2nd
Coming across a little biased here! However I’m genuinely excited (and maybe a tad gutted I’ll be doing more working than drinking) for everyone to see what we have up our sleeves.

Mark Johnson
Beer Blogger
Beer Compurgation 

Staly Summer Fest
Fri June 23th – Sun June 25th
There are numerous beer festivals going on over the course of the week but there’s a special vibe to the more intimate event at Stalybridge Buffet Bar. Plus it’s a celebration of Manchester Beers with some special Beer Week offerings too. And their first ever all keg bar at a festival to accompany the main bar.

Debate: Is sexism a big problem for the beer industry?
Sat June 24th
A chance to finally have the discussion long needed in a Melissa Cole chaired debate. It is an issue that has long need discussing and hopefully they’ll be plenty of viewpoints to discuss.

A History of Joseph Holt
Wed June 28th
One thing that I find key to the success of Manchester Beer Week is the involvement of the large family brewers. In the sea of craft based events, I’m really looking forward to this talk on the history of Joseph Holt’s as a potentially fascinating lesson about a brewery I know comparatively little about.

Tom Plant
Brewer at Blackjack Beers & Sore Feet Brewing + Beernomicon guy

MBW vs Beernomicon: Brewer Speed Dating, Pub Crawl & Quiz
Mon June 26th
I look forward to crushing the hearts and souls of the weak willed who are yet to succumb to the Cvlt.

The Pilcrow Summer Beer Thing
Fri June 30 – Sun July 2
Sore Feet Brewing showcases a lot of their new beers.

MCR Beer Week Closing Party
Sun July 2nd
The Smithfield vs Band On The Wall, great beer and great music finally together, no shit lager or worse piss cider at a music venue/event.

Ross Cummins
Beernomicon guy

An Evening with Rocket Brewing
Wed June 28th
Had a few Rocket beers and the list they are bringing over sounds amazing. Plus the brewers will be on hand to talk to about the booze.

An Evening With Buxton Brewery
Fri June 30 – Sat July 1
Seven Buxton cask beers on?! One of each please.

Burning Sky Tasting and Q&A
Sat July 1st
Unique chance to taste special Burning Sky beers to talk to the man behind it all. Sounds pretty good to me.

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