New Podcast: Beernomicon XXXII – Summer Beer Thing Pt.1

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Beernomicon XXXII
Summer Beer Thing Pt.1

In our 32nd podcast, we start with part 1 of our 2 part epic around The Pilcrow Pub’s Summer Beer Thing beer festival from the last few days of Manchester Beer Week.

The Pilcrow were kind enough to give us a corner to sit in and talk to brewers, bloggers, boozers and everyone inbetween.

This episode covers Friday June 30th, Day 1 of the festival.

In it we talk to:
Becky from The Pilcrow
She helped to organise the festival so she sits down with us to discuss the planning, the beer, the stress and the headsets.
Hear more from Becky in Part 2.

Luke from Tap & Bottles
We first talked to Luke way back in podcast VII, so we catch up with him to find out what he’s drinking, how the bottle shop and bar are doing, how the bars own Beer Street went and the future of it, and what T&B’s have planned for their 3rd birthday.

Steve from Hopinions
Fellow podcaster Steve tells us about his plans for his time up north, whether its for business or pleasure, beer stickers and confronts Tom about a dubious beverage.

Dave from Yes! Ale Blog
We talked to Dave about cellar beers in podcast XXVII, in this podcast we talk about his entrants into the MCR Beer Week Homebrew Expo, his prize (or lack of) after winning last year, losing to The Cvlt and how it works bringing a baby (for a bit) to a beer festival.

Ben from The Kernel Brewery
We were lucky enough to grab Ben from The Kernel for a second, so quizzed him on the closed brewery taproom, what he was drinking, the fruits used in the Kernel beer and their philosophy of serving drinkers.

Part 2 will be online Monday July 10th

Thanks again to The Pilcrow for letting us take up their space and time.

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