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New Podcast: Beernomicon XXXIII – Summer Beer Thing Pt.2

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beernomicon beer podcast for the ilcrow pub summer beer thing festival

In our 33rd podcast, we bring you part 2 of our weekend spent drinking at The Pilcrow Pub’s Summer Beer Thing beer festival from the last few days of Manchester Beer Week.

The Pilcrow were kind enough to give us a corner to sit in and talk to brewers, bloggers, boozers and everything inbetween.

This episode covers Sat June 2nd & Sun June 3rd, Day 2 and 3 of the festival.
You can find Part 1 here:…-beer-thing-pt-1/

In this podcast we talk to:
Becky from The Pilcrow
She helped to organise the festival so she sits down with us to discuss the planning, the beer, the stress and the headsets.
We get her reaction on the last day of how the weekend went too.
Hear more from Becky in Part 1.

Ian from Hawkshead Brewery
Ian was involved in our MCR Beer Week V Beernomicon pub crawl event representing Hawkshead and talking about their collab beer with Blackjack Beers, so we talk to Ian about the evening and the rest of his MCR Beer Weeks experiences. He tells us about his busy schedule during the week, his experience of beer festivals as a brewer and tells us a little about the Hawkshead tasting at Summer Beer Thing.

Rob of Hopzine
Youtube Beer Reviewer Rob Derbyshire whats he’s been drinking, what was good and what was bad. How expectations effect his choices at beer festivals and his experience helping out with Hop City.

Adam and Vas from Northern Monk Brew Co.
We catch up with Vas and Adam from Northern Monk and touch upon their Seven Deadly Sin series of beer, a new mural in Leeds Northern Monk have helped with, the changes happening to the area around their brewery and the collab beer they did with Marble Brewers for MCR Beer Week.

Connor and Jai of MCR Beer Week
We find ourselves back with Connor and Jai to talk about their experiences through the week, how they think the events have gone, favourite beers of the last few days, if they would change anything and what we can expect next year.
The lads are currently asking for donations to a homeless appeal on their site.
Donate £5 and be put into a raffle for loads of beery prizes.

Thanks again to The Pilcrow for letting us take up their space and time.

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