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New Podcast: Beernomicon XXXVIII – Beer & Food Pairing at GRUB

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In our 38th podcast, we spend an evening at GRUB, a weekly street food event in Manchester, drinking and eating whilst discussing beer and food pairings.

We talk about our preferred combinations, what does and doesnt work, if pairings really matter and plenty more. People enjoying their evening join us to to talk about what they are enjoying at GRUB and what they pair with their drinks.

Jules and Bailey, the people behind GRUB, also talk to us about how it all got started. They give us an insight in the philosophies behind what they do and give us a rundown of what to expect from GRUB in the future.

Nick aka Emperor GRUB, the man behind the beer, tells us about how he goes about choosing the beer on offer, bridging the gap between ‘craft beer geek’ & lager-drinker, his favourite beer and food pairing and plenty more.

Al, Robyn and Jay from Cloudwater Brew Co. gave us a bit of their time to chat about what they eat on a brewday and the best pub snacks.

Thanks to GRUB for inviting us down to record.


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