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New Podcast: Beernomicon XLVI – Isinglass, Veganism and Beer

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In our 46th podcast, we sit down with Steph from MASH to talk about the use of isinglass and veganism in the beer industry.

After a twitter poll we did asking ‘Should all beer bottles & cans specify if they are vegan or not?’ we got a big response so decided to delve a little deeper into the subject. 
Asking why beer isnt labeled if its vegan or non-vegan? Should isinglass still be used and why it is? and more.

Steph talks us through the process of isinglass and why it is used, as well as offering an insight into its pros and cons. She also tells us about the different ethics of veganism and how that can effect the way it is marketed.

We discuss if bar staff should know what is in the beer they are serving and if breweries should label kegs and cask if they are fined or not.

Big thanks to Steph for helping us with this and bringing a lot of knowledge to the discussion.
Her company MASH specialises in craft beer & small-scale producer Marketing & Ops. Services inc. marketing strategy, social management, copywriting, consultancy
The podcast image is from a Twisted Barrel can taken for us by one of their brewers, Carl @ThaBearded1
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