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New Podcast: Beernomicon XLVII – Interview with Russell Bisset of Northern Monk Brew Co.

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beernomicon podcast with russell bisset of northern monk
Photos by: • Instagram/Twitter: @tomjoyphoto

In our 47th podcast, we talk to Northern Monk Brew Co. Managing Director and co-founder, Russell Bisset.
In March 2018 Northern Monk announced ‘Northern Rising’ a crowdfunding programme to raise half a million pounds to expand the brewery. They ended up raising 1.5 million.

As the man who set up the brewery, Russell tells us why they chose to crowdfund, the process of going though with it and the risks and rewards that came with that decision.

At the time of recording the campaign had ended so Russell gives us more detail about how they will spend the money, what he hopes the expansion will achieve and his first thoughts on the proposed taprooms coming to Manchester and London.

We also hear how the brewery has grown so quickly in just 4 years, Russells thoughts on why breweries are heading the crowdfunding route, macro brewery buyouts and more.

Note: Tom has been working as a brewer for Northern Monk since mid January and Ross invested in the crowfunding (literally tens of pounds) #FullDisclosureMate

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