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Runaway Brewery 5th Birthday Events

Mark of Runaway Brewery has kindly asked us to host a few panels at the brewery’s 5th birthday weekend, happening Sat May 25th & Sun May 26th.

First we talk to Runaway & three other brewers about how they go from idea to beer, as they talk us through their creative process. Tastings included, so grab a ticket here.

Second will be a panel discussion on the future of small independent brewing. With guests from within the industry and beyond we’ll talk about how small, independent breweries stay relevant, the role of ambition in UK beer & plenty more.
Free event, so book your place here.


Our 9th ever podcast was with Mark, we recorded it in Sept 2016 and to date it is the only podcast we had to record in two parts.
On the first recording we were quite rudely interrupted by a nearby river flooding and pouring into the brewery. We stopped the recording, helped Mark and his staff clean up a bit and went back a week later to finish.
You can hear how it all unfolded, the thunder crackling int he background and the history of Runaway by listening to the pod below.

Beernomicon IX – Interview with Mark of Runaway Brewery

iTunes / Soundcloud / Download
beernomicon craft beer podcast with runaway brewery


Few pictures from the flood:


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