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Beernomicon LXIV – Friends & Family & Beer Brewery Talks

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In our 64th podcast, we bring you the three talks we hosted at the Friends & Family & beer festival on Feb 21st and 22nd of 2020.

The festival graciously asked us to host a talk at each session that would be free for fest goers to attend. We decided to do Brewery Focus chats where we interviewed three breweries pouring at the festival that we thought stood out.

We chose Salopian Brewery of Shrewsbury, Young Master Brewery of Hong Kong and Trve Brewing Co. of Denver.

The first talk featured is with Wilf Nelson, Managing Director of Salopian Brewery. We discuss the longevity of the brewery and how they have changed and adapted to the changes in the UK beer scene over the last two decades, amongst other things.

Our second talk was with Jess, Tom and Rohit of Young Master Brewery. They tell us about growing the brewery in Hong Kong and how craft beer in Asia has grown with them over the past few years. We also hear how they make their beer unique to where they are from.

The third and final talk is with Erin and Nick of Trve Brewing, who talk to us about being known for mixed ferm beer, but creating wonderful clean beer. Including the ‘Cold’ pils we drank during the chat which they also touch upon. Nick and Erin also chat about their unique taproom and how music has inspired there look and artwork.

Thanks to the breweries for talking to us and the festival for the opportunity.

Big cheers to those at the festival who joined us at the talks each session too.


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