NEW PODCAST: Beernomicon LXXXI – Winter Beer Fest Live Podcast

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In our 81st podcast, GRUB asked us to do a live podcast at their Winter Beer Fest. We got Unbarred Brewery, Runaway Brewery and Rivington Brewery involved and pitted them against each other during 3 rounds of questions, guesses, drama and blind tasting.

Sophie from Runaway Brewery, Jordan from Unbarred Brewery and Jack from Rivington Brew Co. joined us on stage as we first asked them to discuss beer cliches then play Beerety Beer (our take on Blankety Blank).
We then gave them 90 seconds to answer as many questions as they could on their own brewery.
Round 3 was a blind tasting. We gave each one a wrapped up beer from their brewery, and they had to guess what beer it was just from aroma and taste.
All rounds were scored so listen in to find out who comes out victorious at the pod’s end.


Thanks to GRUB for asking us to do this and to the breweries for taking part.


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