While breweries and independent businesses are suffering, we thought now is the time to bring back Cvlt of Independence.
A series of collabs to highlight the importance of supporting breweries and independents, shop local, drink good beer & support your community!

Cvlt of Independence, is our way of saying thank you to all the small independent businesses and breweries out there.

In the craft beer world there’s so many intersections between beer and many other artisanal products and services, with all that’s happened in the world we don’t want people to forget about all these great independent businesses.

We know it’s not easy and financial issues are difficult right now. This is about spending a little if we can to help to insure these independent businesses stay open and thrive, so that we can continue to enjoy all they provide.

So to highlight and remind us of this we have helped set up and organise a series of collabs between breweries and small independent businesses, in this ongoing project we will continually work with many breweries and independents to create some outstanding beers to celebrate and highlight the need for all our amazing breweries and independent businesses.

We’d like to announce the first round of collabs:

Simple Things Fermentations x Deanston Bakery
‘Cinnamon Bun Brown’ 4.8%
Brown Ale

Chapter Brewing X Bernie’s Grocery Store
‘Netting The Sun’ 4.2%

Donzoko Brewing Co. x Dukes Halifax
‘Cold IPA: Single Hopped Citra’ 5.5%

Full Circle Brew Co. x Goldbox Roastery
‘Coffee Porter’ 5%

Runaway Brewery x PopUp Bikes
‘Kviek Pale Ale’ 3.5%

Amity Brew Co. x Heist Brew Co. x North Star Coffee
‘Origin’ 4.8%
Latte Pale Ale

Rivington Brewing Co. x Tartarus Beers x Hive Bakehouse
‘Massive, Massive Dog’ 9.5%
Salted Caramel Stout

On March 2nd and 3rd these beers will be launching at some of our favourite independent bars and bottle shops:

Cafe Beermoth

Dukes Halifax

O’Briens Bottle Shop

That Beer Place

Brownhill & Co

Look out on social media for updates and release dates for the beers.


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