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Cvlt Confession – Mystery Beers

iTunes / Soundcloud / Download In the confession, Ross is given mystery beers. Using only his sense of smell and taste he must try and figure out the style, beer and brewery. But can he do it? Thanks to Rob from HopZine for the beers.

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Cvlt Confession – Brouwerij De Moersleutel ‘Two Years Dessert’

iTunes / Soundcloud / Download In this confession, Ross takes us back to Sept 23rd of this year were he recorded a drunken beer review is his Rotterdam Air BnB. The beer in question was 'Two Years Dessert', a spiced imperial stout from Brouwerij De Moersleutel.  

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Cvlt Confession – Pigalle

iTunes / Soundcloud / Download In this confession, Ross talks about one of the best bars he visited in Japan; Pigalle, a cozy bar near Shibuya, Tokyo.