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Beernomicon LXIV – Friends & Family & Beer Brewery Talks

iTunes / Soundcloud / Download / Spotify In our 64th podcast, we bring you the three talks we hosted at the Friends & Family & beer festival on Feb 21st and 22nd of 2020. The festival graciously asked us to host a talk at each session that would be free for fest goers to attend. We decided to do Brewery Focus… Continue reading Beernomicon LXIV – Friends & Family & Beer Brewery Talks

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Beernomicon LXIII – Interview with El of Reasons To Be Cheerful

iTunes / Soundcloud / Download / Spotify In our 63rd podcast, we talk to El of Reasons To Be Cheerful. El owns and runs the Reasons To Be Cheerful bar, which just celebrated its 3rd birthday. She tells us about opening the bar, and what went into the decision to do it, choosing a venue, researching the area and actually getting… Continue reading Beernomicon LXIII – Interview with El of Reasons To Be Cheerful


Highlights of 2019

2019 is over. As a new decade starts we thought we'd give out beery highlights of the last year, and our beers of the decade too. Donzoko Brewing Co. - Northern Helles Above all else this has been the year I’ve passed seeking out new beers every time I drink. Granted, I still do love… Continue reading Highlights of 2019

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Cvlt Confession – Riga

iTunes / Soundcloud / Download In this confession, Ross talks about his recent trip to Riga. He tells us about the beer he tried, the bars he drank in and the breweries he visited. Breweries mentioned: Labietis IndieJanis Alkimikis Hopalaa Arpus Brewing Hypnos Brewery Malduguns  

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Runaway Brewery 5th Birthday Events

Mark of Runaway Brewery has kindly asked us to host a few panels at the brewery's 5th birthday weekend, happening Sat May 25th & Sun May 26th. First we talk to Runaway & three other brewers about how they go from idea to beer, as they talk us through their creative process. Tastings included, so… Continue reading Runaway Brewery 5th Birthday Events