Rainbow Project 2013 – 2019: Brewery & Beer List

Rainbow Project started in 2013 and has brought together breweries from around the world.
In doing research for our 50th podcast, in which we drank the 2018 box
Available here), we struggled to find lists of each years beers.
When we did eventually find them all we decided to put them all together in one blog to make it a little easier for anyone who wants to look back at what breweries were involved and what beer they brewed.

You can find a little more info on the history of the Rainbow Project on Siren Craft’s website here.


With Siren having handed the Rainbow Project over to Left Handed Giant and a new set of breweries (read about it here), the multi-coloured beers continue into 2019.
Having written this blog in 2018 we thought we’d continue adding to it so here is this years range of beers brewed with a fresh batch of American breweries.

Track Brewing Co. / Highland Park Brewery
Frontier Psychiatrist 7%
A deep, rich IPA hopped with Citra, Galaxy & Sabro giving huge notes of Mango & Coconut elevated by additions of Flaked Coconut, Passionfruit, Grapefruit Zest & Vanilla, all tied together with Dragonfruit giving this beer its red hue.

North Brewing Co. / Fieldwork Brewing Co.
Golden Milk 6%
A beer combining oats, wheat, coconut, fresh turmeric, cinnamon and 1.2 tons of apricot work together harmoniously to recreate a beer that resembles the thick, creamy and aromatic beverage, Golden Milk. We can’t promise the same health benefits as Golden Milk, but we can promise a unique drinking experience.

Burnt Mill Brewery / Cascade Brewing
Panacea 6.4%
An IPA dry hopped with Lemondrop & Citra, rounded out with ginger, chamomile & local honey.

Deya Brewing Co. / Holy Mountain Brewing
Emerald Vision 5.5%
A Wit with the addition of heaps of lime.

Left Handed Giant Brewing / Alesong Brewing
Why I Love The Moon 6.2%
A blueberry Gose with the addition of hand picked, local, Borage flowers and Oregon sea salt.

Verdant Brewing Co. / Temescal Brewing
Tie-Dye Indigo Wolf T-Shirt 8.8%
A strong stout inspired by Baklava the wonderful sweet of the east. Sticky and nutty from Pistachios along side flavours of Cinnamon and Rose.

Unity Brewing Co. / Alvarado Street Brewery
Tech-Noir 5%
A sour oatmeal porter with blueberry and vanilla. Juxtaposing ideas of dark nostalgic sci-fi and warm, familiar flavours.


Wild Beer Co / Side Project Brewing
Rosa Rouge 5.0%
A sour saison with pomegranate and rose petals, Rosa Rouge pairs the wild yeasts of Missouri with Somerset beasties for a co-fermented, barrel aged sour saison. A funky mixture of microbes in burgundy wine barrels lends a tart acidity and farmhouse slant while the fragrant rose and pomegranate play with the woody tannins.

Hawkshead Brewery / Modern Times Beer
Yellow 5.3%

A mixed culture barrel aged saison with apricots brewed in San Diego. Fermented with Modern Times’ house wild yeast and a wildly foraged yeast found on loganberries (a blackberry and raspberry hybrid) this transatlantic collaboration was then rested in red wine barrels before going through a secondary fermentation on over 3 lbs/gallon of Southern California apricots.

Beavertown Brewery (originally with Jester King, who backed out)
Lapis Lazuli 8.2%
A sour ale inspired by ancient Egypt. Beavertown drew inspiration from natural winemaking to produce an amphora and barrel aged beer. For a fruit addition they used Pinot Noir grape must from Forty Hall vineyards in North London. The beer was then fermented with a sour mix featuring a range of wild yeasts and bacteria, before being aged on pinot noir grape skins for eight months.

Magic Rock Brewing / Casita Cervecería
Papillon 7.5%

Magic Rock’s Indigo release comes in the form of a barrel aged sour ale with blueberry, apricot and butterfly pea flowers. The foundation of this finale comes in the form of beautiful French oak barrels. Atop of the base beer fermented in the barrels with a mixed wild yeast culture butterfly pea flowers were used to introduce colour. To add a fruity depth, blueberry and apricot concentrate were added.

Burning Sky / Three Floyds Brewing Co.
Out from the Void 11%
Burning Sky’s second collaboration with Indiana beer legends Three Floyds comes in the form of a barrel aged barley wine. Fermented with Burning Sky’s house ale yeast and a Brettanomyces strain the beer was then ages sauternes wine barrels with vanilla pods and cacao nibs to give a decadent chocolate orange flavour.

Partizan Brewery / New Belgium Brewing
Phoenix 5%
A continuation of last year’s theme of destruction and regrowth, Phoenix is a “green” inspired wood aged saison that takes full advantage of the unique character of aged hops. Partizan’s aim was to showcase the flavours drawn from older hops and the barrel in the purest way possible, deciding against spirit barrels and mixed cultures in an effort to bring the nuanced flavours to the fore and retain a “greenness” to the beer.

Siren Craft Beer / Sante Adairius Rustic Ales
Equilibrium 5.8%
Equilibrium is a red wine barrel fermented saison. This year Siren wanted to create a concept to link up with their previous release, the “blue” themed Santo del Frio. In order to get to violet, they blended that beer with something hot. A red-inspired, warm-pitched, red wine barrel fermented saison.


Siren Craft Brew / Sante Adairius Rustic Ales
Santo del Frio 5.2%
A dry-hopped American lager, fermented cold with cryogenically frozen hops. There’s blue corn tortillas in the mash and blue agave syrup in the boil. The beer is aged in Tequila barrels beforehand for an extra flourish.

Magic Rock Brewing / Casita Cervecería
Amanecer Mexicano 5.8%

A lime, hibiscus and chilli gose which enjoys the savoury, sweet, chocolate and umami flavours in Mexican mole sauces that come from a wide variety of dried chilli peppers, tamarind, and cinnamon.

Partizan Brewing / New Belgium
West Fork 5%

A saison which uses spruce tips and experimental hop 522. The spruce tips, which nod to phoenix-like regrowth, are from Pagosa Springs, which experienced terrible wild fires four years ago.

Beavertown Brewery / Jester King
Rex Apiary 4.7%

Bière de miel with honey, rosemary and Texas dried lemons.

Hawkshead Brewery / Modern Times
Mojito 6%
Kettle-soured, tart IPA, dry-hopped with aromatic Cascade and Motueka hops then aged post-fermentation on fresh mint, lime zest and oak rum cubes.

Wild Beer Co. / Side Project
Indigo 5%

Sour wheat beer infused with foraged Cornish seaweed and elderberries/blackberries from local hedgerows.

Burning Sky Brewery / 3 Floyds Brewing Co.
Burial Vault 8.4%

White stout aged in a mix of Burgundy and Bourbon barrels for a deep oak and subtle violet flavour.


Beavertown Brewery / Parrotdog Beer
Universal Mind 10.5%
This is the Red beer from the rainbow and is an Adambier – an old German style

Burning Sky Brewery / Liberty Brewing
Descent Into The Maelstrom 6.66%
Barrel aged NZ pale ale with pink grapefruit and orange zest

Hawkshead Brewery / Yeastie Boys
Kai Moana Gose 6%
A refreshingly tart, salty and fruity gose made with Kai Moana (Maori for seafood) NZ hops and green gooseberries.

Sourced the finest oysters from Loch Fyne, native green lipped mussels from New Zealand and Himalayan rock salt. Lightly hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Motueka it’s all brought together by a big late addition of green gooseberries

Magic Rock Brewing / Fork Brewing
Upside Down 6%
Tropical fruit witbier

Partizan Brewery
Royal Ale 8.5%
Barley Wine with Riesling juice

Siren Craft Brew / Garage Project
Blacklight Banana 9.2%
Molasses, Caramelised Bananas, Banana Purée and Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Beans elevate this beer to something special

Wild Beer Co. / 8 Wired Brewing
Black & Blue 5%
A raw ale, un-hopped and un-boiled, fermented and aged in re-toasted bourbon casks for an extra charred flavour alongside brisk acidity from fermentation with our house cultures in barrels for over 6 months.

Every good steak needs a sauce to go with it so we introduced white, green and black peppercorns into the mash to accompany our raw ale



Magic Rock Brewing / Cigar City Brewing
Cigarro Roja Mágica 6.5%
A fruit filled hop forward IPA brewed in Yorkshire, inspired by the colour red and Floridian sunshine.

MALTS: Aromatic, Carafa Special 3, Munich, Pale Crystal, Vienna
HOPS: Amarillo, Azacca, Citra, Eureka, Lemondrop, Magnum, Minstrel. 

Buxton Brewery / Arizona Wilderness
Deep Rainbow Valley 8.5%
Soured orange juice saison aged on gorse berries

Partizan Brewing / Prairie Artisan Ales
Real Time Saison 6.6%
Kaffir lime, lemongrass and grapefruit zest saison

Hawkshead Brewery / Crooked Stave Artisan
Key Lime Tau (2π) 6.3%
Mixed Culture Fermentation Ale aged in Oak with Lactose, Fresh Lime Peel and Fresh Lemongrass

Siren Craft Brew / Surly Brewing Co
Blue Sky Blue Sea 5%
Seaweed and Cloudberry Gose

Beavertown Brewery / Dogfish Head Brewery
Ajna 4%
Anja is a collaboration pulling together forms of divine wild creation: Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus. Yeast and bacteria. They take us on a journey, as humans, from the earth to the heavens. From the earth to the heavens, energy broken down and laid back to the ground, ready for our next life
Here they work in unison to primary ferment in oak barrels sourced from the remot es of Burgundy. Blueberry and juniper, fruits representational of the third chakra were crushed and added into the process at different stages. 

The beer was then aged for nine months in the wood, blended and bottled.

Wild Beer Co / Firestone Walker
Violet Underground
Violet 5.5%
A cuvée was born from Somerset Wild, a newly minted Golden and Sunrise Raspberry ale, and Barrelwork’s blending warhouse, Cowbell. Proprietary yeast from both sides of the Atlantic, fresh local California fruit and French candied violet petals went into the cauldron. The resulting potion is bursting with ripe fresh fruit, a hint of violet petals and anchored by a funky yeast foundation. A quenching acidity and lively carbonation rounds out the collaboration. A santé!


Siren Craft Brew / Brouwerij De Molen
Empress Stout 8.5%
As the purple colour is often associated with royalty, it had to be a Russian Imperial Stout. All English malts were used in the brew, including a tiny touch of peat malt as a nod to De Molen. A full body with luscious rich dense roast and chocolate flavours were enhanced by the 5 hour boil. Again to keep in character with our colour, violet, a very healthy dose of cracked black pepper, as it was once considered the Kings’ spice

Buxton Brewery / Omnipollo
Yellow Belly 11%
This beer is brewed to celebrate all things new, open minded and progressive. A peanut butter biscuit stout with no biscuits, butter or nuts

Magic Rock Brewing / Evil Twin Brewing
Pogonophobia 7%
Pogonophobia (fear of beards) is our contemporary interpretation of a traditional Flanders red ale. Speciality malts, pre soured in kettle, aged in French red wine barrels for 8 months, then aggressively dry hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo by a man with a beard. Sour, fruity, and aromatic

Partizan Brewing / Mikkeller
Cognac BA Quadrupel 10%

Beavertown Brewery / Naparbier
The Sun Also Rises 9%
Sherry BA Saison 

Wild Beer Co. / Toccalmatto
Indigo Child 8%
This gooseberry sour beer is the offspring of an English and an Italian Parent, combining flowers, fruit and Somerset magical yeast.

Hawkshead Brewery / Lervig
Green Juniper and Hemp DIPA 7.5%


Siren Craft Beer
Rainbow Red IPA 7.9%

Magic Rock Brewing
Blueberry Beauregarde 6.6%
Made with a pale golden promise malt base, and our house yeast, we then used litre after litre of pure blueberries in fermentation and dry hopped the beer with berry like Vanguard/Willamette and citrusy Chinook hops. A deep red colour with an inviting off white head, the flavor is full of characteristic blueberry fruit with a crisp and drying berry-skin finish. Don’t end up like Violet!

Partizan Brewery
Partizan IPA Orange, Pacific Jade, Citra, Amarillo 7.3%


Buxton Brewery
Yellow Lemon IPA 6%

Hawkshead Brewery
Parma Violet IPA 7%


The Kernel Brewery
Indigo 7.2%

American IPA

Brodie’s Brewery
Green 12.1%
Double IPA


Alot of the descriptions above were found via Untappd or Ratebeer. If a beer doesnt have a description its because we couldn’t find one.


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